How To: Reset the factory radio security code

This information was gathered from the following fellow Soler's Jago, NinjaDogg, Quintex, Subzzero and me (Geo)

OK, you just got the car of your dreams. What next? Mods, wheels, body kit, etc.

O-No!! You just found out you don't have the radio security code (the five digit code), that flashes the light on the radio when you turn off the motor. What to do! There's nothing in the paper work. No owners manual,pamphlets or cards. The dealer says he'll do it for $30.00...

Well before doing that, try these things first:

1. Try contacting the previous owner, maybe they mite have it.

2. If that fails try looking in these places for the numbers:

---Code sticker on the underside of the ashtray or on the very rear of the glove box (you have to pull it all the way down so you can see the back side).

---Also look under the lid of the front fuse box in the engine compartment.

---If all fails you can pull the radio out and get the serial number off the bottom (sometimes the code numbers are written on the radio) and take that to the dealer and most will give the code number for free if you did all the work to get the serial number off the radio for them.

3. Remember to write it down and keep it in a safe place so you or the next owner won't have to go through this all again. Also the VIN number from your car will not help them. This will save you some money for those mods you want to do. Hope this helps you out.