Member Detail #0818: Jeremy Decker ~ Toolowsol

Jeremy Decker ~ Toolowsol's car photo   Model: Hybrid
Year: 1993
Color: Granada Black Pearl

State: Illinois
Country: USA
E-mail: <toolowsol (at) comcast (dot) net>
Personal Website:

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Wheel/Tire: Rota SubZero's wrapped in falken azenis sport tires

Engine: JDM B18C turbocharged with a SC34 turbo on equal length manifold. ~250whp

Suspension/Brake: Tein Coilovers, brembo blanks, axxis ultimate pads, SS lines, rear sway bar

Stereo: sony x-plode all around.

Body: Type RRRRRRR front lip, and mugen copy sides

Interior: suede, rear harness bar with sparco harnesses, delphi XM radio,

Lighting: oem (clears), custom tail lights.

Other Modifications: alarm, and many other "projects" in the works
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