Member Detail #0714: MLE_Sol

MLE_Sol's car photo Scroll down or click here for more photos of this car!   Model: Si
Year: 1995
Color: Paradise Blue-Green Pearl

City: Garland (north Dallas)
State: Texas
Country: US of A

E-mail: <Shaelynescence (at) gmail (dot) com>
Personal Website:

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Wheel/Tire: Stockies

Engine: Standard SOHC VTEC, custom short ram high-velocity air intake, braided grounding strip. Braided aluminum engine dress-up kit, white wire loom, white silicone hosing.

Suspension/Brake: Strut bar

Stereo: Alpine CD player

Body: Kaminari wing, white Chinese Dragon decals behind windows, clear sidemarkers.

Interior: JDM sunvisor conversion, dragon racing pedals.

Lighting: Hyperwhite license plate lights, interior dome light, euro clear corners, headlights, aux lights, aux lights independent of headlights, 70/30 taillights.

Other Modifications: Rediculously huge muffler tip (just for a good laugh), dragon license plate frame, theft deterrant.
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