Member Detail #2365: 92SiR

92SiR's car photo   Model: SiR
Year: 1992
Color: Mazda RX8 red

City: Glasgow
State: Scotland
Country: Britian
E-mail: <herr_marc (at) yahoo (dot) com>
Personal Website:

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Wheel/Tire: 15\" OZ Superleggera Toyo Proxis T1-R all round

Engine: AEM induction kit Chipped ECU Removed air con(12kgs) Full 1 off custom exhaust(twin back boxes) Magnex leads

Suspension/Brake: 45mm Lowering springs all round - new coilovers still to come.

Stereo: Poor sony head unit and poor speakers (still to be changed)

Body: Splitter from 92 civic Smoothed front bumper All badges removed Side skirts Accord type-R rear spoiler

Interior: Momo stearing wheel Civic type-R gear stick

Lighting: none

Other Modifications: Clifford Alarm to come soon.
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