Member Detail #2296: Chocoholic

Chocoholic's car photo Scroll down or click here for more photos of this car!   Model: Si
Year: 1994
Color: Captiva Blue

City: Fort Wayne
State: Indiana
Country: United States
E-mail: <swagoner90 (at) yahoo (dot) com>
Personal Website:

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Wheel/Tire: Standard

Engine: Standard

Suspension/Brake: Standard

Stereo: Insignia Head-Unit, 130W 6.5" Pioneer 2-ways all round

Body: Standard

Interior: -Wrapped upper gray stripe (top of doors, speaker panels, rear panel) in blue vinal and painted other plastic black -Blue LEDs in cluster & climate control -Cool White LEDs for cabin light and trunk light -Generic floormats with heavy-duty velcrow to hold in place -Remade shift and handbrake boots and added blue accent stitching

Lighting: Standard

Other Modifications: -Lights-on reminder -Trunk Release
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