Member Detail #1984: MrEnkei

MrEnkei's car photo Scroll down or click here for more photos of this car!   Model: SiR
Year: 1993
Color: Championship white

City: Montreal
State: Quebec
Country: Canada
E-mail: <mrenkei (at) hotmail (dot) com>
Personal Website:

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Wheel/Tire: -JDM CTR Wheels/5 Lugs conversion -Falken tire

Engine: -B18C1 engine oversized -USDM ITR piston -Machined oem b18c1 intake -Port match/polish -JDM ITR Camshaft -JDM ITR Valve Spring/retainer -JDM CTR Underdrive pulley -5 Angle valve job -JDM ITR Flywheel -JDM ITR Clutch -B&M Fuel pressure guage -Hondata S200 ECU -DC Sport 4-1 ITR Header -GReddy complete catback

Suspension/Brake: -ITR Front Sway bar -SPOON Front strut bar -JDM DelSol Rear tower bar (Transtop only) -Delsol rear Sway bar -JDM CTR Big brake conversion -JDM KYB Street specail gas shock

Stereo: Standard

Body: -96 Front conversion -JDM CTR Brake/Wheels 5 lugs conversion -JDM CR-X/DelSol License Plate Filler Panels -JDM CR-X/DelSol Side Marking (not installed) -JDM CR-X/DelSol Gaz decal (premium fuel only) -JDM CR-X/DelSol SiR Rear Badge (not installed) -JDM CR-X/DelSol SiR Back Glass (no defrost) -JDM CR-X/DelSol Transtop (RARE) -JDM CR-X/DelSol Transtop Rear Badge (back Glass)(not installed)

Interior: -MOMO Apache steering wheel -JDM ITR shifter knob -JDM CTR RECARO seats red suede -JDM CR-X/DelSol Map lamps -JDM CR-X/DelSol Cluster -JDM CR-X/DelSol controle button (Transtop) -JDM CR-X/DelSol information decal

Lighting: -JDM CR-X/DelSol Taillights -JDM CR-X/DelSol Headlights

Other Modifications: None
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