Member Detail #0215: Tim 'The Stick' Wakeling

Tim 'The Stick' Wakeling's car photo   Model: Vxi
Year: 93
Color: 1993 S (aka the Multi Colored Car) has been totaly stripped of all usefull parts and all the Nitro Bullets have been reorganized to become "sellable" powerplants for street/race use. I did keep Solin' by buying delScho's Silver Vxi. JDM. Transtop. It's cool. A turd, but cool.

City: Taylor
State: MI
Country: USA
E-mail: <guruofsol (at) hotmail (dot) com>
Personal Website:

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Wheel/Tire: Black Rota Slipstreams w/ the new Falcon Azenis

Engine: The silver car has a stock D15B in it right now, but the big dog has been on a stand for a year waiting. Any time I feel frisky: Eagle rods, .030 over Wiseco custom pistons 9.0 to 1 w/ coated skirts, wristpin moved .025 toward the intake, .056 up on the piston, .050 longer rods (bushings redrilled), total-seal rings, My custom Unleaded Racing stage 5 headwork, Crower stage 2 boost/nitrous cam, D16Z6 block w/ STR girdle TIG'd in and decked .010, 1/2 filled w/ Hardblok, D16Z6 head, B20 60mm throttle body, Y8 intake ported to match the head and the 60mm throttle body, Crower springs and titanium retainers, Crower Valves, South Bend Clutch 6 puck sprung bronze/ceramic clutch with 2900 pound pressure plate, Unorthodox aluminum flywheel, Unorthodox Superlite crank pulley, M-63 case Electromagneticaly Clutched Supercharger, OR T3-60 trim turbo, OR T3-T4 60 trim exhaust hot die, V trim 4 wheel, OR M90 blower case, OR pick a wet NOS fogger of your choice, (I like having multiple power adders) Custom front mount intercooler, custom header to clear the blower/turbo manifold, clear the 90 case, NOS pro-shot fogger with 4 gattling gun fogger nozzles, and if needed/wanted I could turn it into a multi stage fogger and hit her with several nozzle variations on a timer, Kaminski's Nitrite Coated crank w/ teardrop oil passages, Clevite 77 bearings .010 down on all journals, .040 clearance on rod sideplay, Punched main cap oil delivery holes, stock OEM oil pump, Moroso 6.5 qt. Oil Pan, The "Mista Bone Special" Transmission w/ his own blend of parts, Hondata 3BD, RC 550 injectors, Wally 255LPH pump, and an amusing assortment of other cool stuff. But that's for "starters".

Suspension/Brake: Spax full race. Rides like poop. Azenis hold it down. All Prothane bushings. Some mild control arm mods. Moog joints and rod ends.

Stereo: She runs a bad arse Sony who's model number I can't remember due to the fact that that # has nothing to do with going fast, therefore even if I wrote it down, it'd forget what it was. But in any case, it play cool MP3 things, has a bad arse plasma screen, can have MPG's and GIF's loaded through a memory stick, and 2 meager little Sony 10's with Sony Xplod componants. Sounds good. Carbon box looks good. It's Tommy's old Box that was built to mimic Huffs.

Body: The prototype Carbon Fiber top. Yeah, it DOES EXIST. Carbon Decklid. Carbon hood. USDM headlights. YES, I modded the headlights from J-spec to US spec. Hey, it got it titled.

Interior: Stock. Like HELL if I'll paint the vents on the her. Just the rear boxes removed to fit the carbon box. That's it. Ohh and WetOakley seat covers too.

Lighting: HID's off a Lincoln LS.

Other Modifications: Ohh, forgot. Transtop. Factory installed.
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