Member Detail #0020: William

William's car photo   Model: VTEC
Year: 1995
Color: Isle Green Pearl, with trunk-lid oxidation

City: Westminster
State: CO
Country: USA

E-mail: <william (at) teamdelsol (dot) com>
ICQ: 11588575
Personal Website:

VIN Etymology: Based on the Vehicle Identification Number, this 1995 Honda del Sol VTEC was number 360 to roll off the production line at Suzuka, Japan. It is a 2 Door Coupe (Manual), Passenger Car, with a 1.6L DOHC VTEC engine.

Wheel/Tire: Standard OEM 5-spoke wheels with 14" Toyo Spectrums P195/60R14 85T tires.

Engine: Standard B16A3 DOHC VTEC with an ACT clutch.

Suspension/Brake: Standard

Stereo: Version 3: Pioneer DEH-P815 (removable face, DSP control, SuperTuner IV, idLogic) with a Pioneer CDX-P1210 12-Disk CD changer (100 disk title memory), two amps (Eclipse PA5422, JL 500/1), Matrix I line driver, Focal 165 KP 6.5" mids with cross-overs and tweets custom installed in the doors, Focal 165 C 6.5" mids replace the standard speakers in the back of the cab, and twin Eclipse SW8102 DVC 10" Subs installed behind the seats in a custom-built fiberglass/vinyl box (looks stock).

Body: OEM del Sol spoiler, OEM del Sol full nose mask, custom TEAMSOL license plates, "TEAM SOL Colorado" 2-color windshield decal.

Interior: OEM del Sol seat covers, OEM del Sol floor mats (with the OEM driver-side floor mat bolt/grommet assembly), OEM leather steering wheel cover, custom two-speaker subwhoofer box built in place of the rear shelf (where the storage compartments used to be).

Lighting: HID "style" 90/100 Hyperwhite headlights -- which are actually just blue-tinted headlights (I didn't realize they were fake until I used them the first time -- now I know).

Other Modifications: Fuel cut-off switch, starter button, Python 460XP alarm with automatic door locking and ignition kill. Also own (but rarely use because the car lives in a garage) the OEM del Sol car cover. I have a BEL 745STi Radar detector mounted up-side down above the rear-view mirror (with 2-ton double-sided adhesive tape, no suction cups) which is hard-wired into the fuse-box for ignition-switched power (the cable is tucked out-of-sight). *** DESTROYED in an accident at 7:15pm on August 31, 2005 ***
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