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mdt017's car photo   Model: Si
Year: 1993
Color: Gunmetal Gray

City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
E-mail: <mdt017 (at) hotmail (dot) com>
Personal Website:

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Wheel/Tire: BSA 303 wheels wrapped with Cooper Zeon 2XS 205/50/15 tires

Engine: D16Z6 Greddy TDO4H-15G turbo @8psi, Starion Intercooler, Greddy Type-S bov, B&M fpr, 2.5" Turbo back, Magnaflow muffler and High flow Cat, Exedy clutch, AEM cam gear, Turbosmart GBCV, Moroso Breather tank,

Suspension/Brake: D2 Coilovers, Neuspeed upper strut bars, Skunk2 rear lower tie bar, Front brakes - KVR rotors w/Carbotech pads, Rear brakes - stock rotors w/AEM pads, Motul 5.1 brake fluid

Stereo: JVC MP3 deck, PPI amp, Rockford 10" sub (trunk), PolkAudio DB650 6.5" coax spkrs (stock mounted)

Body: Civic front lip, grillecraft front mesh (black)

Interior: dual gauge pillar - Greddy electronic boost & Autometer A/F

Lighting: Orange foglamp bulbs

Other Modifications: alarm, various theft detterents
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