Member Detail #0829: Wyatt 'OnYx' T.

Wyatt 'OnYx' T.'s car photo   Model: Si
Year: 1997
Color: Milano Red

City: Fort Collins
State: Colorado
Country: USA

E-mail: <onyx (at) teamdelsol (dot) com>
ICQ: 174929020
Personal Website:

VIN Etymology: This member hasn't yet entered their VIN! It gets encoded, so your VIN is protected; try it!

Wheel/Tire: Custom painted rims Milano Red /Flat black. Yokohama tires

Engine: SOHC Vtec transplant. Lightened flywheel (coming soon). The motor is a D16z6, which is originally an OBDI engine upgraded to OBDII. Using OBDII stock SOHC Vtec computer. Short RAM intake- generic

Suspension/Brake: Complete SI break conversion with Brembo cross-drilled and slotted rotors; Sport springs with a 1.5-inch drop/adjustable. Stock struts (I want to get the 5 way adjustable ones soon).

Stereo: XM Radio reciver with a DEH-P740MP pioneer head unit. Stock speakers for now.

Body: JDM license plate fillers, black. H emblem and all chrome on the car painted black.

Interior: H on steering wheel painted Milano red. Purple dome light.

Lighting: Break lights are Altezza gen 2 repainted and fitted with LED's. Turn signal custom fitted with red (while turning) and blue (when the lights are on). Dome light custom fitted with dark blue/purple LED's and Reverse Indiglo Gauges faces(Mugen). Yellow Vtec light with a metal bezel.

Other Modifications: Apexi VAFC.
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